You belong in the epicenter of business where you can dedicate yourself to the activities required for recharging your soul and refueling your drive.

We are the new America for entrepreneurs - a small city offering a big experience, where your dollar goes further in every coffee shop, and does more with every local beer bought. We are both metropolitan, and Main Street. We are global, and we are local. When people ask us how we found this level of satisfaction in our lives, the answer is simple: Because Bentonville.

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The Value of Bentonville Living

Best Small City for Families, America’s Coolest Southern Towns, Fastest Growing Economy, Best Cities to Launch a Career…those are just a few of the national lists that Northwest Arkansas and Bentonville have made recently.

US News and World Report put Northwest Arkansas at No. 8 on its April 2018 ranking of the 25 Best Affordable Places to live in the US

Our Cost of Living Calculator allows you to see how much you would need to earn in Bentonville compared to what earn in your current locale. Cost comparisons range from a gallon of milk to the price of a home—and everything in between. You’ll see a lower salary is needed to enjoy the things you deserve.  This means you’re getting more life for the money you make.

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$137 million
generated in the local economy

Trails, mountain bikers and cyclists of all sort flock to Northwest Arkansas every year, generating $137 million in the local economy. 

population born outside of Arkansas

Metropolitan meets Main Street in Bentonville, where 56 percent of the population was actually born outside of Arkansas, giving the city a small town feel with big town ideas.

graduation rate

Bentonville is home to the state’s number one school district, with a graduation rate of 92.4 percent. The district offers 26 AP courses, allowing students an opportunity to begin expanding their minds well before college.

Widescreen Living

widescreen • living
/ wīdˌskrēn liviNG /

A 360 degree human experience revealing a past, present and future that connects us to nature, to the world, and to each other by organically weaving arts and culture, the outdoors, culinary excellence, and the power of human relationships into people’s everyday lives.

A way of living that occurs naturally when a wide variety of excellent options are available to people, allowing them expressive hobbies, a balance between life and work, and an unmatched feeling of belonging.