Why Cities Build Bike Parks, Bentonville Edition

It’s no secret that bikes are big in Bentonville. But it may be a little less obvious what the cycling scene does for everyone, and not just those who enjoy it every day.

Bikes build businesses, increase overall health in communities, and yes, make the commute to work much more enjoyable. But the model for a community using cycling to increase quality of life is starting to catch on. 

Evidence of that claim comes in a recent piece posted by one of YouTube’s most famous cycling influencers, who came to NWA just to cover bikes in Bentonville. With over one million channel subscribers, and over 200 million lifetime views, Seth’s Bike Hacks is well-established as the go-to source for tutorials, documentaries, reviews and anything else bike related.

In his latest video, Seth visited Bentonville to learn about why cities build bike parks, what it can mean, and how to get the city you’re from to consider doing the same. Check it out: 

And in case you feel like being a steward for cycling in Northwest Arkansas, here are some great stats*:

  • Bicycling in Northwest Arkansas provided $137 million in benefits to the economy in 2017.
  • 44 percent of Bentonville residents have ridden a bike in the last year.
  • Nearly one-third of Northwest Arkansas residents consider the availability of paved bike infrastructure important in deciding where to live.
*Source: Economic and Health Benefits of Bicycling in Northwest Arkansas