2020 Fuel Program Brings 12 AI Driven Companies to Bentonville

What is Fuel? 

The Fuel Accelerator is an effort facilitated by Bentonville Chamber Members - Startup Junkie and RevUnit - designed for growth-stage technology companies ready to scale and become enterprise-ready. Participating startups get access to industry-specific mentorship, education, coaching, and connections within Northwest Arkansas's incredible ecosystem of global enterprises that cater to Walmart, the word's largest retailer. 

Participating companies were selected from a pool of 70+ applicants and narrowed down to 12 companies seeking to take on corporate contracts with customers and distribution partners. Once selected the companies will participate in an intensive 12-week program that prepares them for the nuances of working with some of the world's largest companies. 

The Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce is a proud supporter of the Fuel program because it's a great way to introduce talented people to all the aspects Northwest Arkansas has to offer as a technology company. Moreover, it creates an opportunity for our small business, supplier, vendor, and enterprise communities to peer into a new generation of innovation and most importantly to build meaningful relationships with brilliant minds coming from around the world to do business in our region. 

We encourage our Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce Members and Executive Leaders to take interest in these companies while they spend time working on their companies here because doing so is the best way to introduce the participating founders to the values of our community and all the wonderful things we have to offer. Whether it's mentoring them on business, showing them our world-class art amenities, inviting them on a bike ride, or connecting them to deals and resources for their companies, these opportunities to authentically engage are what will enable the following founders succeed throughout their 12-week journey. 

Company Overviews

Cognitive Talent Solutions 

Cognitive Talent Solutions (CTS) is a global People Analytics provider founded by former IBM employees, focusing its activity on Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and Organizational Restructuring Simulation.


HQ: New York City, NY

Team: Francisco Marin Mayer and Katarina Marin Mayer


Curie makes the world shoppable with computer vision. Our computer vision as a service solution enables Brands & Apps to make money from real-world discovery. Curie deep-links physical things, connecting commerce, content, and services at a glance.

Website: curie.co

HQ: Seattle, WA

Team:  Michael Agustin


Inferencery makes Artificial Intelligence more impactful for enterprises. We accomplish this through improved performance and organic integration with enterprise processes. Enterprises are often made up of a complex set of structures, policies, and objectives. Where traditional applications of AI offer narrow and rigid solutions, Inferencery makes AI solutions flexible to achieve optimal impact.


HQ: Bentonville, AR

Team: Viresh R. Patel


Issac.ai is a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) company focused on reducing uncertainty in growing, investing in and acquiring companies by providing better data resources. We collect data about company internals (financial, cultural, intangible value, etc.) using our patent-pending assessment process. We generate revenue by charging a fee for the use of aggregated data and advanced analytics.


HQ: Little Rock, AR

Team: Alese Stroud

Journey Foods

Journey Foods is a bold, machine learning-powered software platform for food companies. We build enterprise technology that improves product management and development for CPG companies, ingredient suppliers, and manufacturers. We focus on saving companies money and time by improving their decision-making and operations with AI nutrition and supply chain insights embedded in integrative software.


HQ: Chicago, IL

Team: Rianna Lynn


Sorcero is an enterprise Natural Language Processing platform that supports expert-driven decision making in the life science and insurance industries. Our no-code platform combines domain-specific, auditable NLP with an application layer to enable enterprises to configure, deploy, and manage multiple workflows across a single platform. We focus on dealing with unstructured, technical text in business functions industry verticals that have a symbiotic relationship with one another at a data, workflow, and business outcome level.


HQ: Washington, DC

Team: Richard Graves and Claiborne Diming


SummarizeBot – is the data science and AI-driven company specializing in information extraction, structuring, and analysis.


HQ: Latvia / Belarus

Team: Dmitry Nedovis


Swivl automates repetitive tasks via NLP (chat and voice), a powerful workflow builder, and integrations in our customers’ technology stack. All while keeping humans-in-the-loop.


HQ: Denver, CO

Team: Mason Levy, Kyle Hall, Rodolfo Ramirez, and Chuck Reina

TPS Engage

TPS Engage is the largest cross-border dynamic Digital Out of Home platform, helping companies of any size optimize their digital outdoor campaigns using any type of data as a content trigger.


HQ: Romania and New York City, NY

Team: Bogdan Savonea, Dan Florea, and Sergiu Gruita


Truckish is an early-stage tech startup that provides disruptive SaaS solutions to the trucking industry.

Website: truckish.com

HQ: Memphis, TN

Team: Deme Yuan and Aayush Thakur

Unmanned Life

Unmanned Life has developed the world’s first software platform to deploy and manage aerial and ground vehicles, both indoors and outdoors, fully autonomously i.e. without human intervention.


HQ: London and San Francisco, CA

Team: Nicholas Zylberglajt and Smita Majumder


Vocinity enables Enterprises to quickly build and deploy Cognitive Conversational Agents that interact like humans, using natural spoken language, for sales, customer support, admin, concierge, and other roles.


HQ: Washington, DC

Team: Nathan Stratton

What's Next?... 

If you're interested in helping these Fuel companies, you can find them on Linkedin, contact the Fuel team at taylor@startupjunkie.org, or connect with us over at greaterbentonville.com. 

The Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to fostering a place where entrepreneurs can thrive. You can support our efforts by joining more than 1000 businesses working together to make Bentonville the premier 21st Century community. 

To support our efforts, email Graham Cobb, President & CEO | Greater Bentonville Area Chamber of Commerce: gcobb@greaterbentonville.com