Outerbike Bentonville: What Is It, Should I Be Excited?

Put simply, Outerbike is the mountain bike specific demo event.

Most of us can’t buy every beautiful machine that appears on the floor of our local bike shop. But at Outerbike, you can ride the whips your shop may not get, and that you can't fit in your garage...yet.  

Try the best bikes in the industry, on the best trails in the world.

Here’s how you can explain it to your friends and family:

Golfers: Spend three days at Augusta National taking your pick from all the newest, coolest components in golf from brands like Calloway, Titleist and Ping. Put together your dream golf bag, have a complimentary caddie, and maybe run into Jordan Spieth. Who knows?

Musicians: A stage. Rows of amplifiers. Play half a song with a Gibson, then decide you want a thinner neck, and switch to that Telecaster you’ve always hoped for. Sit behind a Steinway, and then move to a Moog.  Test your skill with fills on a Tama Studio Pro with all maple shells and swap out different cymbals until you find that sweet sustain. Maybe Dave Grohl will walk by and suggest you loosen your grip on those sticks.

The point being made here is that Outerbike is a special opportunity that benefits both cyclists and the community at large.

Even if you’re not directly interested in shredding for three days, you have something to gain by being a Bentonville business, or even an engaged citizen.  Cycling provided $137 million in economic benefits to Northwest Arkansas in 2017, according to a report from the Walton Family Foundation. Outerbike will marry hundreds of hungry cyclists with the world’s largest brands, and Bentonville’s trail system will be their test kitchen.  We welcome their business and know it’s a win for everyone who calls this place home. 

Outerbike Bentonville takes place Oct. 26-28. Tickets are available here.