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Profile: Garrett Hubbard

Bentonville wasn’t part of the plan for Garrett Hubbard and his family—not at first, anyway.  He was in search of somewhere, and it was a search proving less than lucrative.

“We lived in a place where, when you met someone, the first question they would ask was ‘who do you work for?’ And at the heart of that question is ‘what can I get from you?’” Hubbard told me over an egg sandwich at Pressroom. “We knew it was time to make a change.”

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Profile: Andy Wiseman

Andy Wiseman has lived in more than one place. He has called home those states that most often come up in conversations around “cool” places to live: Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico. Arkansas?

Wiseman is the CEO of Redwood Ventures, a Bentonville-based toy company that designs and manufactures toys that are shipped around the globe. The fact that he ended up in Bentonville was surprising to Wiseman at first—something he has long since let go.

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