Community & Economy

We hold dear a sense of purpose that embraces our past and welcomes an inclusive future.

Whether you find community in a shared love of art and nature, a great bicycle ride, a communal meal, or the knowledge that your children are receiving an education that can launch careers and crystalize confidence, you’ll find it in Bentonville.

These factors are difficult to define, and they ultimately contribute to those things about Bentonville that are most measurable: the high per capita personal income, the spending power enjoyed by NWA residents, the state’s number one school district and highest high school graduation rate, and the fact that Bentonville is home to the third fastest-growing economy in the entire nation. Success has several metrics, and we meet the mark.

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graduation rate

Bentonville is home to the state’s number one school district, with a graduation rate of 92.4 percent. The district offers 26 AP courses, allowing students an opportunity to begin expanding their minds well before college.

population born outside of Arkansas

Metropolitan meets Main Street in Bentonville, where 56 percent of the population was actually born outside of Arkansas, giving the city a small town feel with big town ideas.

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