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In Bentonville, culture, commerce and adventure collide

In Bentonville, culture, commerce and adventure collide, where one of the nation’s imminent American art museums is surrounded by world-class trail systems, comprising five different mountain bike parks, creating art at every corner and exhilaration in every jump.

So strong is our taste for adventure, that it has given rise to a culture in itself. In this corner of The Natural State, the outdoors are both a finished product and a blank canvas. Our brushes vary—bikes, kayaks, hiking boots, motorcycles, paddleboards, boats, pontoons, or sport planes—but we all seek adventure, and we enjoy opportunity for expression.

Metropolitan meets Main Street in Bentonville, where a majority of the population is non-native. This gives our town a small feel, but with big ideas. Bentonville’s thriving cultural ecosystem is driven as much by the giants on display at Crystal Bridges as it is the local artisans and craftspeople who call the Farmer’s Market home on Saturday mornings. We are at the same time global and local. This distinct culture is by applying an intentional and inclusive attitude to the values that have become Bentonville.

Trail Blazer
Morning Commute
36 miles
of paved, shared-use trail

We live in a two-wheeled world in Bentonville, where world-class mountain bike parks give riders options to advance and progress at an extraordinary rate, offering riding to satisfy any type of cyclist. There are also more than 36 miles of paved, shared-use trail called the Razorback Greenway, which ties all of Northwest Arkansas together and provides an outdoor lifestyle nearly unmatched across the country.

$137 million
generated in the local economy

Trails, mountain bikers and cyclists of all sort flock to Northwest Arkansas every year, generating $137 million in the local economy. 

craftspeople + artisans
living and working

The thriving cultural ecosystem in Bentonville is driven by craftspeople and artisans, living and working alongside the nation’s eminent American art museum, Crystal Bridges.